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    Advising Services

    Lewis Associates specializes in personal, effective and professional prehealth career advising and placement for traditional and non-traditional applicants. We will meet the needs of all pre-applicants and applicants. Please contact us for further information.

    Invest in your future to increase your chances of getting accepted into your top choice school. Dr. Cynthia Lewis provides invaluable assistance that helps each individual applying to school.

    Click on the services below to read a detailed description; or email us for more information or to order.

    Advising Packages

    Interview Package -$385/$250
    Hourly Advising -$250/hour
    5-Hour Advising Block -$1150


    Essay Support Packages

    AMCAS I -$1100
    AMCAS II -$850
    AACOMAS -$850
    AADSAS -$850
    Secondary/Supplemental -variable
    Medical or Dental Residency -$850


    The Interview is the single most problematic part of the application process, no matter how accomplished a speaker the applicant is. Gain confidence. Prepare, practice and understand what to expect under simulated interview conditions by phone or skype. You will be coached directly by Dr. Lewis, no one else! She has coached several thousand applicants to be successful.

    If we did not work on your application essay with you, we need to look at your personal and academic history and all application elements, which may take up to an hour. Then, we will schedule a 30 minute mock interview, which could be generic (for those with the most anxiety about interviews), or specific for the school where you are scheduled to interview, whether it is traditional, Mini Multi Interview or standardized patient. You will be provided personal verbal feedback and a list of potential questions after the mock interview.

    $385  •  Email us to order  •

    If we have already gotten your history this year for your application essay or a mock interview, we will schedule a 30 minute mock interview as above.

    Each additional 30 min mock interview is $250

    $250  •  Email us to order  •


    In order to give you the most effective advice, Dr. Lewis needs to collect your entire history, personal and academic. It takes her on average 1.5 hours to collect this information. If you are younger, it may take less, and if you are older, it may take longer. Please note that this is important before starting advising. It is like a doctor taking a history in order to diagnose and treat a patient.

    Dr. Lewis will focus on addressing those issues that are most important for you to solve. We start with a 2 hour minimum. Beyond that, time is billed in 15-minute increments. The first 2 hours must be paid in advance. 24-hour cancellation notice required.

    $250/hour  •  Email us to order  •


    Save $100! In response to requests from Advisees with varied needs. This plan allows you to purchase a chunk of Advising time to suit your situation. Use your time for essay editing, mock interviews or just to ask questions about the application process to an expert, Dr. Lewis.

    $1150  •  Email us to order  •


    All packages include: initial history taking consultation (up to 1 hour), development of your personal essay outline(s), and editing until we are happy with the result. The package lasts up to 6 months.

    One of our post-baccalaureate Advisees with a degree in English who turned down Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in favor of one of his many other acceptances wrote 22 drafts and cautioned, "believe me when I tell you that the AMCAS essay is every bit as important as Dr. Lewis has been telling you. Make it better than best. Really knock yourself out! This will take a lot of work, but it is well worth it. Remember, this document gets in the door before you do. It is your first impression, and if it doesn't shine, you don't get a second chance." Begin as early as possible, about six months prior to submission! All packages include Dr. Lewis' How to Write the Application Essay brochure used by many Health Professions Advisors across the U.S.

    Now that the electronic AMCAS application includes the Personal Statement and an extensive Experience section which allows 15 experiences, we offer two packages:

        AMCAS I The most popular package includes support for the Personal Statement and Experiences sections.

        $1100 Email us to order  •

        AMCAS II
        The original package focuses on that crucial Personal Statement alone.

        $850Email us to order  •

        AMCAS "short"
        essays for: disadvantaged status, misdemeanor or felony charge, unacceptable academic performance or conduct violation by prior medical or other school attended.

        $250 Email us to order  •


      "Less is more." The AACOMAS essay is very demanding because it is shorter, and you must pack so much into the short space.

      $850  •  Email us to order  •

      The AADSAS essay is specialized for dentistry and needs to focus on specific issues. We do it effectively with you. Dr. Lewis directed a Preventive Dentistry program and taught a Topics in Dentistry course for 11 years.

      $850  •  Email us to order  •


      The CASPA essay is specialized for the Physician Assistant and needs to focus on specific issues. We do it effectively with you. Dr. Lewis initiated the first Pre-Physician Assistant student organization in the U.S. in 1996.

      $850  •  Email us to order  •


      The PHARMCAS essay is specialized for pharmacy school and needs to focus on pharmacy-specific issues. We do it effectively with you.

      $850  •  Email us to order  •


      The SOPHAS essay is specialized for public health and needs to focus on specific issues. We do it effectively with you. Dr. Lewis attended the Second National “Become a Disease Detective: Discover Public Health!” meeting at The University of Texas at Austin in 2008.

      $850  •  Email us to order  •


      After submitting your primary application, each school may ask you to write one or more additional essays that vary in length and focus.

      For an essay up to 1 page in length for 1 school, we help you answer the specific question that school asks. We will work on essays together for as many drafts as we need to, to make your essay reflect your specific background, experiences and fit for that specific school.

      1st essay -                   $850
      Includes 30 minutes of taking your history prior to developing your first draft.
      Essays 2-5 -                $550 each
      6th essay FREE!
      Half page essay -        $250 

      Email us to order  •


      Apply for Medical or Dental Residency with confidence. Create a statement that expresses your motivation toward your chosen Residency discipline and how your background and experience lead you to be a superior candidate for that discipline. If you wish to apply for more than one discipline, we make it easy:

      1st essay $850; each additional Residency essay $400  •  Email us to order  •


      *Video Conferencing available for advisees with compatible operating systems and hardware.