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    Bookstore & Resources


    Viewpoint: Women in Medicine and Science in 2020: Beyond the Glass Ceiling

    Community Partnerships: Going Beyond Curriculum to Change Health Professions Education
    by Rebecca C. Henry, PhD

    Physician Communication Skills: Results of a Survey of General/Family Practitioners in Newfoundland
    by Fredrick D. Ashbury, PhD, Donald C. Iverson, PhD, and Boris Kralj, PhD

    Changes in U.S. Medical Schools' NIH Rankings, 1991-2000
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    PreMed & Med School

    The Med School Survival Guide : How to Make the Challenges of Med School Seem Like Small Stuff
    by Jennifer Danek M.D. (Paperback - July 2000)
    Details & Purchase

    Surviving Medical School
    by Robert H. Coombs, Bernard Virshup (Hardcover - Apr 1998)
    Details & Purchase

    Let me listen to your heart
    Editor David S. Svahn - a compilation of writings by third year medical students.
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    The Premedical Planning Guide
    by Jane Diehl Crawford
    Paperback - 150 pages 3rd edition (Oct 1995)
    Details & Purchase

    Medical School Admission Requirements, United States & Canada
    by Association of American Medical Colleges
    Details & Purchase

    Peterson's Insider's Guide to Medical Schools : Current Students Tell You What Their Medical School Is Really Like
    by Ivan Oransky, Eric J. Poulsen (Ed), Darshak M. Sanghavi (Ed)
    Petersons Guides
    Details & Purchase

    Medical School: Getting In, Staying In, Staying Human
    by Keith Russell Ablow
    Details & Purchase

    Preparing for Medical School: A Guide to Requirements, Admission, Financial Aid and More
    by Brice W. Corder
    Details & Purchase

    Premed: Who Makes It and Why (Sociology of Education Series)
    by Mary Ann Maguire, David Mechanic
    Details & Purchase

    Osteopathic Medical College Information Book
    by Amer Assn of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine


    First Aid for the Match: Insider Advice from Students and Residency Directors
    by Tao, Md Le, et al (Paperback)
    Details & Purchase

    Staying Human During Residency Training
    by Allan D. Peterkin
    Details & Purchase

    Residency Handbook
    by Lyle D. Victor
    Details & Purchase

    After Residency: The Young Physician's Guide to the Universe
    by Joan Anderson
    Details & Purchase

    House Officer: Becoming a Medical Specialist
    by Richard L. Cohen (Hardcover - Sep 1988)
    Details & Purchase

    From Residency to Reality
    by Patricia A. Hoffmeir, Jean Astolfi Bohner (Photographer)
    Details & Purchase

    Foreign Medical Graduates in Psychiatry: Issues and Problems
    by Ronald, Chen
    Details & Purchase

    Residents: The Perils and Promise of Educating Young Doctors
    by David Ewing Duncan
    Details & Purchase

    MCAT Prep

    •Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review (Book with CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh)
    by Rochelle Rothstein (Editor)
    Details & Purchase

    •Kaplan MCAT Workbook
    Paperback - 352 pages 2nd edition - Feb 2001
    Details & Purchase

    •Ace's Exambusters MCAT Study Cards
    by Elizabeth R. Burchard (Ed)
    Details & Purchase

    •The Silver Bullet: Real MCATs Explained
    by Brett L. Ferdinand, Kristin Finkenzeller, Brigitte Bigras
    Details & Purchase

    •Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis with Jordan and Jon
    by Jonathan Orsay (Audio CD)
    Details & purchase

    •AudioLearn : MCAT
    by Shahrad Yazdani (Audio Cassette - June 2002)
    Details & purchase

    •ExamKrackers: Complete MCAT Study Package (5 vol. set)
    by Jonathan Orsay (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Examkrackers 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry
    by Scott Calvin, Jonathan Orsay (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Examkrackers MCAT Biology
    by Jonathan Orsay (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Examkrackers 1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry
    by Michelle, Phd Gilbertson, Andrew Dauber (Editor) (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Examkrackers MCAT Physics
    by Jonathan Orsay (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •ExamKrackers MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Math
    by Jonathan Orsay (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Flowers & Silver MCAT
    by James Flowers, et al (Paperback - Apr 1998)
    Details & purchase

    •2001 MCAT: Complete Preparation for the Medical College Admission Test
    by Lippincott (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •MCAT Physics Book
    by Garrett Biehle (Paperback - Feb 2000)
    Details & purchase

    •The Princeton Review: Flowers Annotated Practice MCATS With Sample Tests on CD-ROM
    by Theodore Silver (Contributor), James L. Flowers
    Details & purchase

    •Underground MCAT Answers to the AAMC MCAT Practice Test 1,2,3 and Practice Items: Preparation For The Medical College Admission Text
    by Vikas Bhushan (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •MCAT Verbal Reasoning Powerbuilder
    by Stephen D., Md. Bresnick, William H., Md. Bresnick (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Peterson's Logic & Reading Review for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT
    by Peterson's (Editor), Edward J. Rozmiarek (Paperback - Aug 1999)
    Details & purchase

    •Logic & Reading Review for the GRE GMAT LSAT MCAT
    by Edward J. Rozmiarek (Paperback - Apr 2002)
    Details & purchase

    •Arco GRE GMAT LSAT MCAT Reading Comprehension Workbook
    by Mark Alan Stewart (Paperback - July 1999)
    Details & purchase

    •MCAT Success 2003
    by Petersons (Editor) (Paperback - Dec 2002)
    Details & purchase

    •GRE-LSAT-GMAT-MCAT Reading Comprehension Workbook
    by Mark Alan Stewart
    Details & purchase

    GRE Prep

    •Kaplan GRE Exam 2005- Book & CD-ROM
    Details & purchase

    •Cracking the GRE 2003: With Four Complete Practice Tests on CD-ROM
    by Karen Lurie (Paperback - June 2002)
    Details & purchase

    •GRE Prep Course (with Software)
    by Jeff Kolby, Scott Thornburg (Paperback - Jan 2001)
    Details & purchase

    •The Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT, and SAT
    by Lighthouse Review (Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Crash Course for the GRE: 10 Simple Steps in Less Than 1 Week (Princeton Review Series)
    by Karen Lurie, Princeton Review (Paperback - Sep 1999)
    Details & purchase

    •Barron's How to Prepare for the GRE - Book & CD-ROM
    by Sharon Weiner Green, et al (Paperback - Jan 2002)
    Details & purchase

    •Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook
    (Paperback - July 2002)
    Details & purchase

    DAT Prep

    •Barron's How to Prepare for the Dental Admission Test
    Richard A. Lehman, Robert D. Poshman
    Details & purchase

    •Dental Admission Test - Computerized Sample Tests and Guide, TopScore Pro for the DAT
    by Inc. ScholarWare (CD-ROM)
    Details & purchase

    •Kaplan DAT - Book with CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh
    Details & purchase

    •DAT: Complete Preparation for the Dental Admission Test: 2001
    Aftab S. Hassan
    A comprehensive study guide for the new content and skills which are tested on the DAT. This guide offers an extensive perceptual ability workout in one, two and three dimensions.
    Details & purchase


    •Write for Success: Preparing a Successful Professional School Application
    by Evelyn W. Jackson, PhD & Harold R. Bardo, PhD 1989
    Details & Purchase

    •Medical Professions Admission Guide: Strategy for Success
    Edited by Carol Baffi-Bugan
    Details & Purchase

    •Get into Medical School: A Strategic Approach
    by Kaplan
    Details & Purchase

    Careers in the Health Field

    •270 Ways to Put Your Talent to Work in the Health Field
    by National Health Council 1998

    Osteopathic Medicine

    •The D.O.s: Osteopathic Medicine in America
    by Norman Gevitz
    Details & purchase


    •The Global Village of Dentistry: Internet, Intranet, Online Services for Dental Professionals
    by Titus K. L. Schleyer, Heiko Spallek, Gisela Spallek
    Details & purchase

    •101 Secrets of a High-Performance Dental Practice: From the Success Files of Bob Levoy
    by Bob Levoy
    Details & purchase

    •The Art and Science of Being a Dentist
    by Aspatore Books Staff (Editor)(Paperback)
    Details & purchase

    •Dear Dentist: Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy
    by Robert H. Schaper (Paperback - Mar 1994)
    Details & purchase

    •The Official Guide to Dental Schools; 41st Edition
    by American Dental Education Association


    •Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements: United States & Canada
    by Brian T. Smith

    •Opportunities in Animal and Pet Care Careers
    by Mary Price Lee, Richard S. Lee
    Details & purchase

    •The Preveterinary Planning Guide: Preparation, Application, and Admission Procedures to Veterinary School (D.V.M. Medical Colleges)
    by Jane Diehl Crawford
    Paperback – Jan 1990
    Details & Purchase

    •Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements (12th Ed)
    by Jane Diehl Crawford
    Paperback - Mar 1997
    Details & Purchase


    •Schools and Colleges of Optometry: Admission Requirements 2004-2005
    Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry


    •Pharmacy School Admission Requirements 2002-2003: Admission Information for Professional Pharmacy Degree Programs in the US
    (Paperback - Sep 2001)
    Details & purchase

    Physician Assistant

    •Physician Assistant Programs Directory
    Purchase Access to on-line information

    Time Management

    •101 Ways to Make Every Second Count: Time Management Tips & Techniques for More Success with Less Stress
    by Robert W. Bly
    Details & purchase


    •Think Big: Unleashing your Potential for Excellence
    by Ben Carson, MD with Cecil Murphey 1992
    Details & Purchase


    •The Lost Art of Healing: Practicing Compassion in Medicine
    by Bernard Lown, M.D.1996
    Details & Purchase

    •Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients
    by Bernie S. Siegel
    Paperback - 256 pages Reissue ed (June 1990)
    Details & Purchase

    •The Human side og Medicine: learning What it’s like to be a patient and What it’s like to be a Physician
    (ISBN 0-86569-319-6) By Laurence Savett.
    Order through Greenwood Publishing Grp. by calling 800-225-5800

    •Life After Medical School: Thirty-Two Doctors Describe How They Shaped Their Medical Careers
    by Leonard Laster (Editor) (Hardcover - July 1996)
    Details & Purchase

    •As I Live and Breathe: Notes of a Patient Doctor
    by Jamie Weisman (Hardcover)
    Details & Purchase

    •Dear and Glorious Physician
    by Taylor Caldwell (Library Binding - Dec 1996)
    Details & Purchase

    •Common Bonds: Reflections of a Cancer Doctor
    by E. Roy Berger, et al (Paperback - May 2001)
    Details & Purchase

    •Physician: The Life of Paul Beeson
    by Richard Rapport M.D., Richard Rapport (Hardcover - Mar 2001)
    Details & Purchase

    •Vital Signs: Real-Life Medical Dramas of Doctors and Patients, Pain and Compassion, Hope and Healing
    by Dennis L. Breo
    Details & Purchase

    •A Physician's Diary
    by Dana Myatt
    Details & Purchase

    •Doctors Cry, Too: Essays from the Heart of a Physician
    by M.D. Frank H. Boehm (Hardcover - Aug 2001)
    Details & Purchase

    •My Stupid Illness
    by Katy Tartakoff (Hardcover - Dec 1994)
    Details & Purchase

    •Paracelsus: His Personality & Influence As Physician, Chemist & Reformer - 1920
    by John Maxson Stillman (Paperback - Oct 1998)
    Details & Purchase

    •Odyssey of a Physician: A Life of Adventure and Exploration
    by Eugene L. Coodley (Hardcover - Aug 1994)
    Details & Purchase

    •Wickliffe's Way: A Physician's Odyssey
    by Robert C.M. Wickliffe (Hardcover - Mar 1995)
    Details & Purchase

    •Essays from an Unfinished Physician: Lessons from People, Patients, and Life
    by E. Grey Dimond (Paperback - Dec 2000)
    Details & Purchase

    •At the Forest's Edge: Memoir of a Physician-Naturalist
    by David Tirrell Hellyer (Paperback - June 2000)
    Details & Purchase

    •Judith's Pavilion: The Haunting Memories of a Neurosurgeon
    by Marc Flitter, Mark Flitter (Paperback - July 1998)
    Details & Purchase

    •Incurable physician, an autobiography
    by Walter C. Alvarez (Author)
    Details & Purchase

    •White Coat, Clenched Fist: The Political Education of an American Physician
    by Fitzhugh. Mullan
    Details & Purchase

    •Healing the Wounds: A Physician Looks at His Work
    by David Hilfiker, David Hilifiker
    Details & Purchase

    •Equal Partners: A Physician's Call for a New Spirit of Medicine
    by Jody Heymann
    Details & Purchase

    •Physician to the Gene Pool: Genetic Lessons and Other Stories
    by James V. Neel
    Details & Purchase

    •Reflections and Reminiscences of an Academic Physician
    by Sol Sherry
    Details & Purchase

    •Extraordinary Care
    by Dennis L. Breo
    Details & Purchase

    •Together in the Dark: Mysteries of Healing
    by Robert H. Colfelt
    Details & Purchase

    •Physician Heal Thyself: 35 Years of Adventures in Sobriety by an Aa 'Old Timer'
    by M. Earle, et al
    Details & Purchase

    •Travels with a Stethoscope: A Physician Looks at the 20th Century
    by Ronald H. Girdwood (Hardcover - Dec 1989)
    Details & Purchase

    •A Physician's Eye (Mellen Lives, V. 6)
    by John Michael Naish (Hardcover - June 1997)
    Details & Purchase

    •No Greater Privilege: The Making of a Physician
    by Kirschen, et al
    Details & Purchase

    •Fool or Physician: The Memoirs of a Skeptical Doctor
    by Anthony Daniels
    Details & Purchase

    •You Gotta Wanna : a Physician's Autobiography
    by Jack G. G. Hendershot
    Details & Purchase

    •On the Edge of Life: Diary of a Medical Intensive Care Unit
    by Mikkael A. Sekeres (Editor), Theodore A. Stern
    Details & Purchase

    Health Care Policy

    •Health Care USA: Understanding Its Organization and Delivery
    by Harry A. Sultz, Kristina M. Young (Paperback - Mar 2001)
    Details & purchase

    •The Managed Health Care Handbook
    by Peter R. Kongstvedt (Editor) (Hardcover)
    Details & Purchase

    Studies on the Impact of Health

    •A Time to Heal: American Medical Education from the turn of the century to the Era of Managed Care
    by Kenneth M. Ludmerer
    Details & Purchase


    •Doc: Then and Now With a Montana Physician
    by R.E., M.D. Losee
    Details & purchase

    •Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies
    by Virginia Cornell (Paperback - June 1991)
    Details & purchase

    •A Fortunate Man: The Story of a Country Doctor
    by John Berger, Jean Mohr (Photographer) (Paperback - Mar 1997)
    Details & purchase


    •The Survival Bible for Women in Medicine
    by Kathryn Ko (Paperback - July 1998)
    Details & purchase

    •Immigrant at Peace: A Woman Physician Reflects
    by Enriqueta Cartagena Mayuga (Hardcover - Jan 1997)
    Details & purchase

    •Dr. Jessie: The Odyssey of a Woman Physician
    by Jessie Laird, M.D. Brodie (Paperback - June 1991)
    Details & purchase

    •The Mind Is Not the Heart: Recollections of a Woman Physician
    by Eva J. Salber (Hardcover - Apr 1989)
    Details & purchase

    •From Priestess to Physician: Biographies of Women Life Scientists
    by Kevin Allison Nies (Paperback - June 1996)
    Details & purchase


    •White Coat, White Cane : The Extraordinary Odyssey of a Blind Physician
    by David Hartman, Bernard Asbell
    Details & Purchase

    •Forged by the Knife: The Experience of Surgical Residency from the Perspective of a Woman of Color
    by Patricia L. Dawson (Paperback)
    Details & Purchase

    •A Black Physician's Story: Bringing Hope to Mississippi
    by Douglas L. Conner, John F. Marszalek
    Details & Purchase

    •The Physician and the Slave Trade: John Kirk, the Livingstone Expeditions, and the Crusade Against Slavery in East Africa
    by Daniel Liebowitz
    Details & Purchase

    •Charles Eastman: Physician, Reformer, and Native American Leader (People of Distinction Biographies)
    by Peter Anderson
    Details & Purchase

    •Charles Eastman: Sioux Physician and Author (North American Indians of Achievement)
    by Karen Luisa Badt, et al
    Details & Purchase

    •The Jewish Doctor: A Narrative History
    by Michael Neins 1996
    Details & Purchase

    •Getting into Medical School: A Planning Guide for Minority Students
    Edited by Edward J. James, MD, MBA, Karen E. Hamilton, PhD 1996
    Details & Purchase

    •Minority Student Opportunities in United States Medical Schools 2000
    by Assn of Amer Medical Colleges 2000
    Details & Purchase

    •Medical Education, Responses to a Challenge: Minorities & the Disadvantaged, Development & Representation in the Health Professions
    Futura Pub. Co. -388 pages
    Details & Purchase

    •The Scalpel and the Silver Bear: The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing
    by Lori Arviso Alvord, M.B & Elizabeth Cohen Van Pelt 1999
    Details & Purchase

    •Harvest of Hope: The Pilgrimage of a Mexican-American Physician
    by Jorge Prieto (Paperback - Sep 1990)
    Details & Purchase

    •Opportunities for Minority Students in United States Dental Schools 2000-2002 3rd Edition
    by Amer Assn of Dental Schools 1999
    Details & Purhcase


    •Shanghai Doctor: An American Physician Confronts Communist China
    by Nicholas Comninellis
    Details & purchase

    •Dr. Sa'Eed of Iran: Kurdish Physician to Princes and Peasants Nobles and Nomads
    by Jay M. Rasdoli, et al (Paperback - Sep 1983)
    Details & purchase

    •Anatomy Of Deceit- An American Physician's First-Hand Encounter With The Realities Of The War In Croatia
    by Jerry Blaskovich (Hardcover - June 1997)
    Details & purchase

    •Once a Doctor, Always a Doctor: The Memoirs of a German-Jewish Immigrant Physician
    by Heinz, Hartmann
    Details & purchase


    •From Exile to Prime Minister: How Samson Kisekka, a Christian Physician, is Successfully Leading Uganda from Ruin to Restoration
    by Delbert W. Baker
    Details & Purchase

    •Jewish Droctors Meet: The Great Physician
    by Ruth Rosen (Paperback - Sep 1998)
    Details & Purchase

    •Touched by the Great Physician: An Account of Divine Healing
    by Guy L. Myers (Paperback - Sep 1999)
    Details & Purchase

    •In Search of Self, in the Service of Others: Reflections of a Retired Physician on Medicine, the Bible & the Jews
    by Heinz Hartmann (Hardcover - Aug 1998)
    Details & Purchase

    •Mission of Love: A Physician's Spiritual Journey Toward a Life Beyond
    by Roger Cole, Rodger Cole (Paperback - Mar 2002)
    Details & Purchase

    •A Physician's Witness to the Power of Shared Prayer
    by William, Jr Haynes, et al (Paperback - June 2000)
    Details & Purchase