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    Lewis Associates e-Newsletter

    Volume 5 Issue 5
    May 2006

    Published by Lewis Associates. Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Phd., Editor
    Email imaclewis@lewisassoc.com with your comments. Enjoy!

    Congratulations to our 2 Class of 2006 applicants who were accepted to Harvard Med!

    What's inside:
    Welcome to Success Stories Newsletter!

    Important News: Delay of MCAT announcement; America's Best Graduate Schools; Helpful Tips for MCAT 2007

    Useful Links: VMCAS website; University of Queensland Medical School in Australia

    Alumni Updates: Andrea Dalve-Endres, MSY4 Harvard Medical School; Dr. Joseph Allen finds time for art and acting

    Dates and Reminders: Free stress management Workshop in San Diego; Touro University Open House

    Success Story of the Month: Irina Kandinova, University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, Year 2

    Question of the Month: How will taking the August MCAT affect my AMCAS application?

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    Welcome to Lewis Associates!

    In May, our thoughts turn to finals. . . AND APPLICATION SEASON!! For those in the process of applying to medical school in the Class of 2007, the MCAT has just been conquered or the August exam is in your future. . . or possibly the DAT or the GRE. In any case, this is a very busy time for all pre-health students.

    Thanks from the President of the San Diego State University Pre-Physician Assistant Society:
    Dear Dr. Lewis,
    "You were very gracious with your time and I really enjoyed your candid answers to all of our questions. I wish that I had found you earlier in my college career."

    Thanks From a Parent of a High School Senior
    "Dear Dr. Lewis, Thank you so much for your help. We made the final decision last night. Matt will be attending Cal Poly. Your advice was critical in that decision as was the professionalism of the staff at the open house weekend when compared to the --- staff. . . Again, thanks for your guidance."

    What's New?

    NEW FREE teleconferencing and videoconferencing. You need to register for free AOL Instant Messaging, and will get free audio and/or video contact with us!! Talk with Zakiya to set up your computer for this NOW!!

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    We now have e-billing and will have more online services. In fact, we will establish an online Blog in the near future!

    In a couple of years, some new books and CD's will be out by Dr. Lewis about preparing for medical and other health professions schools. . . keep on the lookout!!

    Lewis Associates is phasing out long-term advising except for those already contracted. We are focusing on Personal Assessments, essay and interview packages, our new Medical Residency essay package, and hourly problem-solving advising.

    Coming this summer
    July 22, 2006 we are hosting a gala Alumni Reunion in San Diego for our over 700 alumni. We are trying to locate them now. If you have contact information about any alumni, please email it to imaclewis@lewisassoc.com. Our goal is to locate as many as possible. If you wish to be invited and you are not an alumnus, but wish to meet some of our wonderful alumni, please let Zakiya know in our office. We will try to include as many as we can on a first-come basis.

    Harvard Medical School Track Record
    We are proud that 2 of our Class of 2006 applicants were interviewed at Harvard Medical School this year and both are accepted! This brings Dr. Lewis' record to 29 Advisees accepted to Harvard Medical and Dental Schools in the past 20 years!

    100% of our Class of 2005 applicants were accepted!

    100% of our Class of 2004 applicants were accepted!

    Class of 2007 applicants
    We are preparing for your applications to be submitted early this summer. We have a little time, a very precious commodity: Time to plan, to locate and use new opportunities, time to live up to your potential! Many times, I locate clinical or service experiences for my Advisees. . . but you need the time to get the most out of them! We can help you sidestep the mistakes and jump over roadblocks that everyone seems to face.

    In order to be a competitive Class of 2007 applicant, you need to submit a quality application as evaluated by your clinical, service and other experiences and your GPA/MCAT/DAT/GRE, etc. profile--in a timely fashion. This requires a well thought-out strategy to carry you through the difficult year-long application process.

    What are your chances?
    If you want to change your career or reach your new career goal, but do not know how to begin or how to jump over all those hurdles, Lewis Associates will advise and implement strategies to change your life.

    Getting Started
    Read about it in our newsletter and website, then phone or email us directly to get started with your Personal Assessment! We spend on average 7 hours working to develop an effective strategy of taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

    You may be like our other Lewis Associates Advisees--highly motivated and intelligent, but needing focus, guidance and specific technical expertise. Dr. Lewis solves problems for her Advisees and finds opportunities for them. Maybe you wish to use our hourly advising to solve a specific problem. Dr. Lewis is a trained biologist, having taught and directed her own research programs for many years at two universities. She earned two postdoctoral fellowships (one at NIH), received the 1990 NACADA Outstanding Institutional Advising Program in the U.S. and directed her own Health Careers Opportunity Program grant for 6 years, bringing $1 million to her university.

    If you are serious about making your dreams to become a physician, dentist, physician assistant, veterinarian, optometrist, podiatrist, naturopathic physician, or pharmacist a reality--Lewis Associates can help you. We have made the difference for over 700 alumni now practicing in medicine during the last 20 years.

    Dr. Lewis teaches Professionalism, Leadership, and Quality, and sets high standards for her Advisees.

    Lewis Associates will save you money and heartache on your application process.

    Contact the health career experts! For more information email imaclewis@lewisassoc.com or call 805-226-9669 and ask to set up your first appointment.

    n e w s   &   l i n k s

    N E W S

Applications Open Season. . . Coming Soon!!
AMCAS opens May 2
AACOMAS opens May 6
AADSAS opens May 15

Medical School Admissions Requirements 2007-8
Should be available first week of May--this is your Primary Source for medical school information.

There is a delay by AAMC of the May 1 announcement about MCAT sites and dates. . . Stay tuned. . .

Feature Article
GWIS 06 Dr. Vivian Pinn, MD
Director of the Office of Research on Women's Health
National Institutes for Health

San Diego Association for Women in Science Scholarship Gala 4/29/06
In her role as Director of the Office of Research on Women's Health, Dr. Pinn is in a unique position to help ensure that women's health issues and women are well represented in NIH research efforts. In many ways, her current role is the culmination of a lifelong focus on medicine and advocacy for access to good health care for everyone.

Before coming to NIH in 1991, Dr. Pinn was Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathology at Howard University. Previously, she held teaching appointments at Tufts University and Harvard Medical School. At Tufts, she was Assistant Dean for student affairs and an advocate for minority students.

Born to modest circumstances in Lynchburg, Virginia, Dr. Pinn grew up during the era of segregation, and the city schools she attended were segregated. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a doctor despite the fact that she did not know any women doctors. She earned a scholarship to Wellesley College -- a women's college with a supportive environment, graduated in 1962 and enrolled in medical school at the University of Virginia. As the only African American and only woman in her class, she was doubly distinguished.

The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Dr. Pinn is past President of the National Medical Association. She received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award from the American Medical Women's Association in 1995, the year she was elected to the National Academies of Science Institute of Medicine. She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Lewis met Dr. Pinn in San Diego. Dr. Pinn said the first question asked by Harvard premedical women in the 1960's and then again in 2006 was, "Can you be a doctor and have a family"? The more things change; the more they stay the same! Look for more about this in our first blog. . . coming soon.

US News and Word Report
2007 Edition of America's Best Graduate Schools is out.
The average GPA and MCAT scores for entering 2005 medical students (allopathic) was 3.6 and 32. They advise: 'show leadership. The best med schools look for students who've demonstrated leadership and character "and who've stretched themselves", says Delores Brown, admissions Dean at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. This could be holding elected school office or organizing communication, for example. Meanwhile, more applicants work or volunteer after completing undergraduate work. Notching time or work with government health agencies, fellowship, Teach for America, the Peace Corps, or doctors without Borders is helpful. Mastery of something, whether it's a sport, music or research is a plus. Interpersonal skills are important, too, with schools parsing letters of recommendation for clues to an applicant's communication skills.'

Top 5 medical schools--research: Harvard, Hopkins, U Pennsylvania, UC San Francisco, Washington U, St. Louis
Top 5 medical schools--primary care: U Washington, U North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan State Osteopathic, U Massachusetts
Top 5 pharmacy schools-- UC San Francisco, U Texas Austin, U North Carolina, Purdue, U Arizona
Top 5 Physician Assistant schools -- Duke, U Iowa, Emory, George Washington U, U Utah
Top 5 Veterinary Medicine schools -- Cornell, Colorado State, U Pennsylvania, North Carolina State, Texas A&M

AMCAS 2007--Helpful Tips

  • GPA Calculation Instructions and Worksheet
  • AMCAS has NO grade forgiveness! AACOMAS does!
  • $150 for first school; $30/school thereafter
  • Print your Transcript Request Forms and submit to all colleges attended ASAP. (except for current spring courses if they are important)
  • Make certain you are reading from an official transcript when inputting your coursework; this is the longest section.
  • You have a maximum of 15 post secondary experiences to provide.
  • Type your essay directly into the AMCAS; do not cut and paste.
  • It will take several hours and you may do this in several sittings to complete the form.
  • You may wish to create a separate email account just for your applications--make sure it does not filter out mass mailings.

    L I N K S :

    AMCAS 2007

    VMCAS Website

    The VMCAS application will launch May 31, 2006. On this date, applicants will be able to create an applicant ID, register their evaluators, and begin the application process. Evaluators are encouraged to use the eLOR system (electronic letters of recommendation) for the 2007 application cycle. See General School Information Chart, Prerequisite Comparison Chart, and School Descriptor Pages.

    University of Queensland Medical School in Australia
    Associate Professor Cynthia Csernansky: c.csernansky@uq.edu.au
    Australian Council for Education and Research: www.acer.edu.au/gamsat
    Information for international students: www.uq.edu.au/international
    UQ School of Medicine: www.som.uq.edu.au
    UQ Medical Society: www.uqms.org
    Information about Brisbane: http://www.ourbrisbane.com

    Find this and other useful links on
    Lewisassoc.com's Links Page.

    a l u m n i   u p d a t e s

    Andrea Dalve-Endres MSY4, Harvard Medical School
    (see May 2002 for her Success Story)

    Andrea Dalve-Endres

    Andrea Dalve-Endres

    Mar 21, 2006
    "Greetings Dr. Lewis.
    Just wanted to let you know that I matched at my numero uno for residency. . . UCSF.
    I am currently in Guatemala ... I've actually been quite involved with Four Directions Summer Research Program as both a Coordinator and a Director and continue to assist with it, although less so this year with Residency applications and traveling.
    Wishing you well. Andrea

    April 6, 2006
    "Greetings Dr. Lewis!
    Returned from Guatemala this past Saturday early morning. Am now wrapping up 4th year with an anesthesia rotation, which began on Monday. Graduation is Thursday, June 8th.

    Yup, matched at UCSF (my #1pick) in OB-Gyn, it's for 4 years, and starts June 14th. . . the wednesday after graduation in Boston. . . Hope all is well with you!

    Apr 7, 2006
    "Greetings! Nothing came close to Ob/Gyn. . . Internal Medicine for a moment and Anesthesia for a nanosecond!
    Ob/Gyn ultimately was what I could see myself doing long-term, 20+ years down the road.

    Life is great! It goes too fast but I definitely am trying to enjoy every moment! In Guatemala I lived with a family, spent the mornings working on social service projects (the school I attended is building a school in what I would consider a refugee camp) or going out to the middle of nowhere to work with a midwife. After taking the chicken bus 1/2 way we'd have to find a ride, sometimes the back of a pick-up truck, to the community of Aldea Buena Vista. Of course, on weekends took trips to local places that I hadn't been to last trip. It was great but it's also great to be home! I'd love to return again during 3rd year of residency, when we have elective time, and work with this organization there called APROFAM (Asociación Pro-Bienestar de la Familia de Guatemala) that works to assist women with spacing their pregnancies and spend time again with the midwife, Dona Ana, who I worked with, she was great. Unfortunately, most of her patients speak Mam (pronounced: Mum - a dialect of Mayan) so I didn't get to speak Spanish with them. Looks like I may have to learn another, very different, language! The language barrier definitely leads to reduced access to care for the indigenous people of Guatemala.

    Will be heading to California in May to find a home and will keep you posted when we have new contact information. . . Best.

    Joseph Allen, MD, also talented in art and acting !!

    Family Practice and Sports Medicine (see September 2002 for his Success Story)

    Art by Joseh Allen
    Art by Joseph Allen, MD

    Dear Friends, Mentors, and Colleagues,
    I hope you'll be able to make it to my first official art exhibition. . . Note: it was March 26 in San Diego.
    All the best, Joe

    Note that Dr. Allen's work is on display in Paris and Mexico!!

    April 19, 2006
    Hi Dr. Lewis,
    I was in Larry Zeiger's show back in 1984 (one of the best of all time, I might add. . . ), and he's invited me back to make a cameo (see below). It all came cascading down after I sang the National Anthem (reluctantly), at the Point Loma Little League Opening Day Ceremony. I'll also be performing at the PLHS Music Department's Crescendo fundraiser/Larry Zeiger 30th Anniversary celebration May 7th at Rosecroft Estate, and also opening the show at the Point Loma Outdoor Concert Series on August 4th.

    p.s. Just spent a week in Grenada teaching the first week of April, and it was nice to be back as a Visiting Professor after 10 years. Dr. Rao and Dr. Jordan say Hi.

    A shocking but true story of a musical theatre director who suddenly goes catatonic after 30 years of directing musicals, and not even the doctors at Scripps La Jolla or Sharp Hospitals can figure out what is wrong with the guy - until one of his brilliant students discovers a major secret that may unlock the mystery and also be the medical discovery of the century!

    d a t e s   &   r e m i n d e r s

    Learn to manage your stress--FREE
    Dr. Brian Alman: Using Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss, Smoking, Pain Control, Anxiety, Depression and Healing
    Friday June 16, 2006 5-6 and 6:30-7:30 PM
    Kaiser Positive Choice Wellness Center 858 573-0090
    You need to call to reserve you seat.
    Especially helpful are Dr. Alman's relaxation and stress management skills development for prehealth students taking the MCAT, DAT, or GRE exam.

    Touro University-California OPEN HOUSE, located on historic Mare Island in the northeast portion of San Francisco Bay, will be hosting an Open House that includes all of their colleges Tuesday, May 16th, 5:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This is the first open house that involves the entire university community:
    College of Osteopathic Medicine
    College of Pharmacy
    College of Health Sciences (MSPAS and MPH)
    College of Education
    This offers the perfect opportunity to get up-close and personal with the Deans of each of the Colleges to discuss your future and personal goals. Admissions and financial aid information will be available and you can take a tour of our Mare Island Campus. For more information, phone toll free (888) 652-7580 or website tu.edu.

    Medical School Grading Systems
    GSA Reporter spring 2006, Susan Brenner MSY4 U Iowa (source)
    The overwhelming majority of medical students prefer a P/F system for the first 2 years of medical school. The environment, stress level, and overall psychosocial well-being of students improve when the pressure of letter grading during the transitional years of medical school is relieved. The main concerns with the P/F system are: What will be the impact on performance? (Will we slack off?"), How will we receive feedback? How will we distinguish ourselves if we're going into a competitive specialty?

    s u c c e s s   s t o r i e s
    by Dr. Cynthia Lewis

    Irina Kandinova
    University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, Year 2

    Irina's family moved from Uzbekistan, where she was born, to Moscow, where she grew up, when she was age 3. Her father painted murals both for the government and privately, including at universities. In the U.S., he has a sign business. Irina's mother earned a degree in economics in Russia where she worked for the government. In the U.S., she is a dental assistant. Her older brother is a computer network administrator.

    In the autobiography Irina wrote for me she says, "From the time I could remember, my usual days consisted of drawing, cleaning the house, helping mother in the kitchen, and solving a few math problems. Art was introduced by my father who was a well-known artist in the former Soviet Union. Some of his artwork still remains in buildings, but others were torn down after the fall of the Soviet Union." By age 7, Irina's parents taught her reading, writing and math at home. The seeds of interest in a health career were sewn early. She says, "At the age of five, my family lived with our grandparents; my grandfather had diabetes. At that time, Mikhail Gorbachev was the president of the USSR. My grandfather, though ill, enjoyed watching the news every day. In August 1991, there was an unsuccessful military coup in the USSR. We thought that our flight to America would have to be canceled. Luckily, in October 1991, we came to America, two months before the fall of the Soviet Union. My grandfather became extremely sick when we packed our luggage and sold all of our belongings. After much stress, he would end his sentences by saying 'I don’t care what happens to me; all I care is that I get my children across the oceans and into America.' I arrived to America at the age of 7 and discovered the hardships of life. From week one upon arrival to the US, my grandfather spent 9 months in the hospital without seeing this land. My parents traded shifts to spend days and nights with him in the hospital. Neither of my parents could work because of that and because of the recession in 1991. As soon as I began to comprehend English, I began to stay at the hospital for several nights to comfort my grandfather and serve as a translator. The doctors amputated his left leg and he got gangrene. Later, the doctors decided to amputate his right leg. By March 1992, I could no longer look at him because he was no longer the happy person I remembered him as. In July 1992, my grandfather passed away."

    Due to extreme bias against Jews in Russia, Irina's family immigrated to the U.S. She says, "We were harassed and exposed to hatred from our neighbors, classmates, and even teachers in Russia. My brother’s classmates threw rocks at him on his way to school. To make things worse, it was almost impossible for a Jew in Russia to get into a college or university, even if one had excellent qualifications."

    For most immigrants to the U.S., the transition into a new culture and language is difficult. This was true for Irina's family as they were allowed to carry only $400 total out of Russia and entered the U.S. with $5. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society gave them loans to get started in their new life. Irina says, "I was both mesmerized and afraid of what the future in this country would be like for my family and me. I kept wondering if I would learn the language and speak so fluently and easily as did the born Americans. I speculated whether or not I would get into a good college and be strong enough to climb the mountain that life chose for the future. Upon entering elementary school, I began to encounter my first challenges in this new land. I remember my facial expression on the first day of school when the children were learning their ABC’s and putting words like “is not” and “will not” together. I thought they were geniuses, unlike me, who had no clue how to write my name in English, nor could I ask for help. My self-esteem was low, and now, as I turn my memories back 12 years, I remember how I ran out the door from my class, bursting into tears and misery from not being able to communicate with my fellow classmates and the teacher. I felt that there would be no sign of communication for the rest of my life, surrounded by strangers so different than me. Not until later did I understand the full meaning behind a powerful message: keep trying no matter what."

    Perhaps, Irina's strong initiative and work ethic, common in many first generation immigrants, can be illustrated by a story: Irina says, "I clearly remember being chosen as the best girl runner in 1st grade and competing for my school. We placed 2nd only because my opponent decided to trip me. I have to admit that this has now become a part of my soul. With a scraped and a bleeding knee, I stood up and ran as fast as possible. It meant to be fearless about what I have to conquer and working hard to realize my goals no matter how high I set them. Not a day goes by without me consciously saying to myself to keep working hard. I tried to learn 'their' language and make it my own. The journey, nonetheless, has been hard, but I want to succeed." Irina is a fast learner. By 3rd grade in the U.S. she told her ESL teacher she didn't need ESL. Irina says, "My teacher was an immigrant too who enjoyed teaching me English grammar. It seemed that we had switched roles; I became the teacher and she became the student. I will never forget how I taught her how to spell the word 'shadow'!

    Irina skipped 6th grade because she was not challenged, continued to earn A's and was nominated by her peers as "most likely to succeed". In 8th grade, Irina says, "Mr. Fox, would always put me in the spotlight. He would make me get up on the table in front of the class and dance to demonstrate new vocabulary words."

    Irina is especially proud that her art has been recognized as she grew up. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society selected her drawing in the "My American Dream" Children's Art Calendar Content to exhibit in New York. And, her 7th grade art teacher selected her to videotape for broadcast to Europe. Irina took 6 AP courses in high school earning one year of freshman composition, one year of macro/microeconomics, a year of calculus and differential equations and a term of statistics, a total of 21 semester units of college credit. She graduated from high school in 2002 ranked 22 of 392 peers. Irina was on her varsity tennis team, was named MVP and received the Youth tennis San Diego Award. She was selected for 4 scholarships and 7 awards, including the selective California Governor's Scholarship.

    Irina considered careers in economics due to encouragement by a high school teacher and dentistry because her mother is a dental assistant. She worked in a dental office for a year, but found it was not satisfying. Instead, she looked to her grandmother and aunt as role models who had their own Pharmacy practices in Russia. And, Irina's uncle and cousin are pharmacists in the U.S. Upon entering college, Irina took on 3 pharmacy volunteer positions: in a community setting, in a hospital and at the UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic. From these experiences, she became passionate about becoming a pharmacist. She learned something of the breadth and depth of the profession in a very short time.

    Irina continues to care about immigrant, indigent and other disadvantaged populations. She translated for Russian immigrants in medical offices and painted low-income houses. And, she was the primary illustrator for the book "Diabetes" printed in Russian.

    Irina is so eager to practice pharmacy that she applied with just 2 years of college courses with AP and community college work. This made us focus to complete the prerequisites for a limited number of pharmacy programs for the Class of 2004. But, Irina was ready for pharmacy school then. She is energetic and focused on pharmacy for the appropriate reason of making a difference in the health of the most at-risk people.

    Irina's strengths include: well developed problem-solving skills, ambition, she is hardworking, bilingual with some fluency in Spanish, bicultural, dependable and organized. I leave you with Irina's words, "It took many years to build and heal my life and be the person that I am today. For me, the feelings of despair and loneliness arose when the words ‘I will never see my birth place again’ were uttered. I had to learn one of life’s harder lessons; the lesson of breaking the path of our past from that of our future. With regret and excitement we set out to find new life in a world beyond the ocean; a world in which freedom from identification as a Jew and equal opportunity would rule our futures. I thank God and everyone who has played a role in my life for achieving what I possess and for being the person I am today."

    On April 27, 2006, Irina wrote:
    "The past 2 years have been an adventure; moving to Colorado, attending pharmacy school, getting married. Being part of University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) School of Pharmacy, has given me much insight into what a pharmacist does. I have enjoyed the clinical experiences and didactic sessions.

    Since the first semester of pharmacy school, we have visited community pharmacies where we help the pharmacist contact patients who haven’t picked up medications, verify drug inventory, counsel patients in the OTC (over-the-counter) aisles, and analyze drug compliance trends. Also, before flu season, we administered flu vaccines at community pharmacies.

    At the Veterans Affair Medical Center inpatient pharmacy, I worked alongside the pharmacist to look through inpatient drug profiles, check disease states, drug-drug interactions, and drug-disease interaction, adverse reactions, calculate dosages, and recommend medication for a patient to be discharged. This has provided me with a better understanding of an inpatient pharmacist’s day.

    Clinical pharmacists teach us about disease states such as renal insufficiency, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, asthma, central nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Their lectures have given much insight into the thought processes behind running a clinic and how to appropriately assess, treat (using published guidelines), and monitor patients. Often lectures run 8 hours a day – remember pre-pre-pharm/med/health professional days?

    Of course, attending school closer to family and friends would be great. Moving to Denver from San Diego was not easy. I also miss having free time; with exams every Monday, my weekends are crammed with … cramming. This makes it seem like we’re in school everyday of the week. Hopefully, during our fourth year in pharmacy school, we’ll be able to rotate in places and settings that interest us anywhere in the world – like exotic, exciting, sunny San Diego. "

    Email to Dr. Lewis if you wish to communicate about medical schools or other issues or to contact those profiled in Success Stories: drlewis@lewisassoc.com

q u e s t i o n   o f  t h e  m o n t h
by Dr. Cynthia Lewis, PhD

I have had a few students ask me how to proceed with taking the August MCAT. If you are planning on retaking the MCAT in August, but have a current MCAT score, can you indicate your intention to retake the exam and will updated MCAT scores be sent to your designated schools?

If you have not taken the MCAT but will be sitting the exam in August, can you still submit your AMCAS application without an MCAT score?

From AAMC AMCAS Staff:
In both instances, the applicant can submit the AMCAS application and indicate that he/she plans to take the MCAT in August. Once the scores become available, those scores will be made available to the schools to which the applicant has applied.

NOTE: THe August 2006 exam is the final paper exam. Multiple dates will be available starting January 2007 for the computer-based MCAT.

We will feature an important question each month. Please submit one that interests you for Dr. Lewis to answer. Send your questions to imaclewis@lewisassoc.com with newsletter question in the subject line.

lewis associates advising services

Lewis Associates specializes in personal, effective and professional premedical advising and placement for traditional and non-traditional applicants. Often, non-traditional students are older than 21 years of age, career changers, international applicants or second-round applicants for admission to health professions school.

Lewis Associates' services meet the needs of all types of students from pre-applicants to applicants, including hourly advising support for specific needs. Click here.


"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

If this is how YOU feel, then, maybe Lewis Associates is the place for you. Lewis Associates provides Mentoring and Coaching through the rigorous and often circuitous pre-health preparation and application process. Other consultants may support programs like Law and Business or graduate school -- not Lewis Associates. We are the experts in Health Professions based on 23 years of a successful track record.

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