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Lewis Associates e-Newsletter
Volume 11 Issue 8
August 2012

Published by Lewis Associates. Dr. Cynthia Lewis, PhD., Editor
Email imaclewis@lewisassoc.com with your comments. Enjoy!

Lewis Associates is entering a new phase. I started premedical advising in 1985 and moved from the university to national advising in 1997. Now, I am going to focus on writing books about advising and my students, while continuing to do essay, interview and hourly advising. We increased prices for the first time in 3 years, but you still get the best personal pre-health advising in America!

So ... Do you really want to be competitive?

1. Plan ... ahead!

2. Address your weaknesses. What are they?

  • Science GPA?
  • Test (MCAT, DAT) scores, or do you need to take the test for the first time?
  • Clinical experiences? How meaningful are they?
  • Service? What did you do to help others?
  • No close relationships with faculty?

And, how long will it take to really improve? One term? 2 years? Be realistic!

So, whatever quest you have, or issue you want to discuss, Dr. Lewis is the best person to use for personal and academic advice. She's been doing it for 27 years, and "has heard it all". Why don't you let her help you?


This month's question on Dr. Lewis' Facebook page is: Should I answer this secondary application question: "Please share anything your application does not include, but that you would like to bring to our attention"?

Getting into medical, dental, pharmacy and the other health professions schools is getting HARDER!

As usually happens in an economic downturn, more people are attracted to stable careers like the health professions…competition is fierce!

How are YOU going to stand out from thousands of applicants?

Warning about student-run websites from Cornell Medical School Admissions staff:
"PLEASE do not encourage students to get information from web sites administered by other students. From time to time, I look up the studentdoctor.net site (for interview ratings) and I am appalled at the amount of misinformation there. Most of the information given there will hurt students more than help them."

Sick of rumors and false reports? Lewis Associates website has factual information that you can trust.

What's inside:

Welcome to Success Stories Newsletter!
How to Communicate With Us
Your journey to a health profession
Are You Ready for the Class of 2014 or 2015?
Track Record
Be Competitive

What Are Your Chances?
Getting Started

• Shift to medical home may not increase patient satisfaction
• Sharp increase expected in number of nurse practitioners
• Support for Obama healthcare law rises after ruling
• Health Law’s Survival Means More Demand for Fewer Doctors
• Need for doctors expected to become more acute in Texas
• Doctors applaud ruling but keep champagne on ice
• Will the Future Need Doctors?
• By 2020, 5.6 million more health care professionals needed
• The doctor’s smartphone will see you now
• Health technology and patient-centered principles shown to improve care
• Shorten medical school to three years, study suggests
• As Obamacare Looms, New Medical Schools Open To Address Doctor Shortage
• Two Medical Students Navigate the Health Care Maze
• 6 Key Issues Facing Healthcare in the Second Half of 2012
• Cultural competence vital for med students
• Is Medical School a Worthwhile Investment for Women?
• Personalized Medicine Will Transform Healthcare

Useful Links
• Pharmacy Professionalism Toolkit for Students and Faculty by the APhA-ASP/AACP Committee on Student Professionalism
• Questions to Ask Before Making a Financial Investment in Your Health Sciences Education

Alumni Update
• Cathy, MD, Entering Class of 2008, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine - Nevada

Success Story of the Month
• Patrick, Entering Class of 2012, Howard University College of Medicine

Question of the Month
• Dr. Lewis' answer to this month's question: Should I answer this secondary application question: "Please share anything your application does not include, but that you would like to bring to our attention"?

See our Facebook page, Advising Tips tab.

Our Services


Welcome to Lewis Associates!

Nearly one in ten Americans ages 20 to 24 is unemployed. But, health care jobs remain an economic bright spot. The U.S. Department of Labor expects the health sector to add more than 1.4 million workers over the next ten years. Students in college and even high school can start preparing now for a rewarding health career.

Are you ready?

Our Track Record
Entering Class of 2012...100% acceptance
Entering Class of 2011...100% acceptance
Entering Class of 2010...86% acceptance
Entering Class of 2009...96% acceptance
Entering Class of 2008...96% acceptance
Entering Class of 2007...97% acceptance
Entering Class of 2006...89% acceptance
Entering Class of 2005...100% acceptance
Entering Class of 2004...100% acceptance

If you are interested in personalized advising from “The Best in the Business,” (quote by Dr. Patrick Linson, Harvard Medical School Alum who is the only Native American Radiation Oncologist on the planet!), call Lewis Associates today to schedule YOUR personal assessment. Dr. Lewis invests in you, so you may live up to your potential to be the best applicant you can be!

How to Communicate With Us

Phone: 805-226-9669
Fax: 805-226-9227

Email: imaclewis@lewisassoc.com

Mailing Address: 1885 Laguna del Campo, Templeton, CA 93465

Lewis Associates absorbs Long Distance Charges

All phone conferences are made from our office to you. Marcia, our Administrative Assistant, calls YOU at your appointment time.

Where are you in your journey to a health profession?
In high school? Yes, we advise high school students, particularly, those interested in BA-MD programs!

Just starting college?
This is a scary time.  Everything is new…how do I meet all those new expectations?

Moving into your difficult upper division sciences as a college junior? Possibly, the "dreaded organic chemistry"…

Re-entering as an "older" non-traditional student? Re-establishing academic discipline…

We help prepare those of you submitting applications for medical and dental Residency programs, too!

Whatever niche you fit, we advise students just like you.

Are you REALLY ready to apply for the Class of 2014 or 2015?
How do you know?

Use our Personal Assessment--and you will be given your individual strategy and path to your future! Then, if you use our advising, we help implement your strategy! And if you start the ultimate Commitement Package within 6 months, we subtract your Personal Assesment Fee from the total. If it were easy to do, all applicants would be accepted...and, that is not the case.

Many whom we advise may not yet be ready, and need to develop some aspect of their background to become competitive. Best to apply when you are ready, be competitive, and do it ONLY ONCE!

Let's work together to make that one-time application successful…contacting us earlier is better so we can develop your strategy and address all those difficult problems…months or years prior to application. Why not set yourself up for success, rather than toy with the proposition of failure?

Gail Ruth, mother of Todd Ruth, Entering Class of 2010, Jefferson University Medical School
Just a short note here to let you know how appreciative we are of all the wonderful help you gave to our son, Todd. He just received his first 2 acceptances from his top choices, so we couldn't be more pleased.! You were instrumental in guiding him as to which courses to take and gave him invaluable help with his essays. Thanks once again for all your help and guidance.

David and Maureen Lee, parents of Eric Lee, Entering Class of 2009, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
June, 2009: "Dr. Lewis, We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all of your strategic guidance, wise counsel, encouragement, and mentoring to our son Eric on his journey to get into medical school. That is quite a process!! Eric definitely took the "road less traveled", majoring in philosophy, but he worked really hard to get his science prerequisites under his belt. He benefited so much from your experience, insight, and when needed, "tough love". You kept him on track, and we thank you. We think he will be an excellent physician. Perhaps some day we will meet. Again with gratitude, David and Maureen Lee."

Michael Nevarez, Entering Class of 2006, Harvard University School of Medicine, his first choice school
"Dr. Lewis was a wonderful guide and mentor as I embarked on a medical career a number of years after graduating from Cal Poly (graduated 2001, applied to med school in 2006). She gave an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of my profile, and more importantly provided specific and personalized ways in which I could address my application and the process going forward. Her advice and experience was invaluable and I am very happy to have worked with her."

Margaret Jolley, Entering Class of 2008, UC San Diego School of Medicine, her first choice school
"I never would've made it without my weekly conference with the calm, experienced Dr. Lewis. She kept me sane. I am so grateful for her guidance, for her editing help, and for the confidence she instilled in me. She is a genuinely caring committed Mentor who takes pride in helping our dreams happen. I have urged every fellow student I know to call her. Let her help you, too!"

Austin Yoder, Entering Class of 2009, Accepted to Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences, Philadelphia Osteopathic-GA, West Virginia Osteopathic, Tennessee Osteopathic, and Kansas City Osteopathic
"I am utterly grateful to Dr. Lewis for all her help, guidance and mentorship through the application process. I owe a great deal of my success to date to her team."

Ariel Chairez, Entering Class 2004, Scholarship Awardee, University of Wisconsin Medical School
"Dr. Lewis, I would like to thank you for all of your help. Without your guidance, I would not have been accepted into medical school this year. I am extremely happy to have been accepted to one of the top medical schools in the country, and to have received a scholarship of $130,000. For any student who questions the value of your services, I can say that you have saved me $130,000 in tuition!  Thank you."

John Fiszer (Lawyer), Entering Class of 2005, University Of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
Dr. Lewis' note: John was an Assistant State's Prosecuting Attorney in Chicago, Illinois, when he contacted me in 2004. Finishing his 4th year of medical school, he said: "I am really enjoying med school, and I am thankful to Dr. Lewis for her help. Her methodical, disciplined approach to the med school application process, as well as her insight into the transition to med school were right on target."

Ali Warrick, Advisee
"Dear Dr. Lewis,
I appreciate your help in my transfer process to UC Berkeley. You have been an integral part of the transition, and I would like to thank you for your time and efforts.  I know that your work is very thorough and well thought out. In addition, I believe that you really care about your students, and believe in each student's "right fit" in a school. You lead many people toward a brighter future, and I would like to say, 'Thank You!' for your contribution toward my academic goals. This process has been much more enjoyable with your guidance. Thank you for being so good at what you do."

S, Entering Class 2008, accepted with full scholarship to Mayo Medical School
"I cannot thank Dr. Lewis enough for her support and invaluable advice. When I came to her, I was apprehensive about the formidable task of applying to medical school especially with my past academic and personal hardships. She helped me see that overcoming these difficulties was a testament to my strength, dedication, and diligence. One of the most surprising outcomes of our relationship was that she was effective in helping me develop a more positive self-image and conquer many of my insecurities. Without her guidance and letter of evaluation, I would not have been able to earn an acceptance to Mayo Medical School, which granted me a merit scholarship that covers almost all of my tuition. I truly appreciate all of her help. She went above and beyond her role as an Advisor by becoming a Mentor to me. She is absolutely the best in the business!"

Be Competitive
In order to be a competitive Class of 2014 or 2015 applicant, you need to submit a quality application as evaluated by your clinical, service and other experiences and your GPA-MCAT/DAT/GRE, etc. profile in a timely fashion. This requires a well thought-out strategy to carry you through the difficult year-long application process. If you use Dr. Lewis' advising, we begin preparation early in the year BEFORE submission of your application!

EARLY is always better, removes much of the pressure, and allows time to solve unforeseen problems and challenges.

What are your chances?
If you want to change your career, or reach your present career goal, but do not know how to begin, or how to jump over all those hurdles, Lewis Associates will advise you and implement strategies to change your life. Dr. Lewis is thorough and professional.

Getting Started

Read on our website about getting your Personal Assessment done, then phone or email us to get started!
Dr. Lewis spends, on average, 7 hours developing an effective strategy of taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

You may be like our other Lewis Associates Advisees -- highly motivated and intelligent -- but needing focus, guidance and specific technical expertise. Dr. Lewis solves problems for her Advisees and finds opportunities for them. Or, you may wish to use hourly advising to solve one specific problem.

Dr. Lewis is a trained Biologist, having taught and directed her own research programs for many years at two universities. She earned two postdoctoral fellowships (one at NIH), received the 1990 NACADA Outstanding Institutional Advising Program in the U.S. and directed her own Health Careers Opportunity Program grant for 6 years, bringing $1 million to her university
while helping hundreds of disadvantaged students enter health professions.

If you are serious about making your dreams to become a physician, dentist, physician assistant, veterinarian, optometrist, podiatrist, naturopathic physician, or pharmacist a reality--Dr. Lewis can help you. We have made the difference for more than 800 alumni now training or practicing in medicine over the last 26 years.

Dr. Lewis teaches Professionalism, Leadership, and Quality, and sets high standards for her Advisees.

Lewis Associates will save you money and heartache on your preparation and application process.

Contact the Health Career experts! For more information email imaclewis@lewisassoc.com. Call 805-226-9669 to set up your first appointment.



Shift to medical home may not increase patient satisfaction
Changes aimed at improving care coordination and management of chronic conditions are not linked to improvements in patients’ perception of quality, a new study says.

Sharp increase expected in number of nurse practitioners
The growth in the profession will be especially noticeable in primary care, according to a new report.

Support for Obama healthcare law rises after ruling
Voter support for President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul has increased following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling upholding it, although majorities still oppose it.

Health Law’s Survival Means More Demand for Fewer Doctors
The health-care law’s survival means more than 30 million Americans are set to seek care from a pool of doctors that’s already struggling to meet the demand from a growing, aging population. http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2012/06/28/health-laws-survival-means-more-demand-for-fewer-doctors/

Need for doctors expected to become more acute in Texas
The Supreme Court's decision upholding the Affordable Care Act could give millions of uninsured Texans access to healthcare. But that access will mean little if too few people are available to deliver care.

Doctors applaud ruling but keep champagne on ice
For people in the medical and insurance fields, the Supreme Court's health care ruling cleared up a lot of uncertainty. But by no means all of it.

Will the Future Need Doctors?
As I see technology advancing around me, I think about what’s going to become of the physician. Where are we going to fit in? Will we become obsolete? Are we headed for a medical singularity?

By 2020, 5.6 million more health care professionals needed
Health care demand will grow twice as fast as the national economy over the next eight years, creating 5.6 million new jobs.

The doctor’s smartphone will see you now
The doctor’s visit is not what it used to be, thanks to the incorporation of increasingly sophisticated technology. But are these developments a good thing?

Health technology and patient-centered principles shown to improve care
A review of studies suggests the two strategies may be mutually dependent. http://www.ama-assn.org/amednews/2012/07/09/bisb0709.htm

Shorten medical school to three years, study suggests
Time spent in medical education could be reduced by 30 percent—such as by shortening medical school training to three years—without compromising competence, researchers say. http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/amawire/2012-july-18/2012-july-18-medical_student.shtml?P=S&C=S&G=F&M=T&I=F&W=T&Y=F&S=F

As Obamacare Looms, New Medical Schools Open To Address Doctor Shortage
The nation’s universities are opening more medical schools as graduate medical education transforms to address the nation’s physician shortage.

Two Medical Students Navigate the Health Care Maze
For several years now, doctors and patients have been struggling to re-imagine the future of health care.

6 Key Issues Facing Healthcare in the Second Half of 2012

Cultural competence vital for med students
New recommendations from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the Association of Schools of Public Health aim to ensure that the nation's medical students and public health students are educated in ways that help them become more culturally competent practitioners.

Is Medical School a Worthwhile Investment for Women?
The average female primary-care physician would have been financially better off becoming a physician assistant.

Personalized Medicine Will Transform Healthcare
As healthcare providers incorporate deep analytics and advanced clinical decision support into everyday practice, they'll turn standardized medicine into personalized medicine.


Pharmacy Professionalism Toolkit for Students and Faculty by the APhA-ASP/AACP Committee on Student Professionalism

Questions to Ask Before Making a Financial Investment in Your Health Sciences Education

Find these and other useful links on Lewisassoc.com's Links Page.

alumni updates


Cathy, MD, Entering Class of 2008, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine - Nevada

May 5, 2012: "Hi Dr. Lewis, I'll be moving out to Philadelphia for my residency. I matched to an ACGME program in Philadelphia- Albert Einstein Medical Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology. I couldn't have come this far in my career without your support and help throughout the years. I am so thankful. I miss the old CUHRE days and hope we can all get together soon. If you are at any conferences on the East Coast contact me so we can get together. Love, Cathy"

Watch for Success Stories coming for some of these alumni!

success story


Patrick, Entering Class of 2012, Howard University College of Medicine

My journey into medicine was everything but straightforward. I did not really know I wanted a career into medicine until I was well into my third year of college. By that time, I had dug myself into a deep academic hole with below average grades and poor study skills. After I was serious about becoming a physician, a friend advised me to contact Dr. Lewis, and she did not disappoint. She assessed me realistically – almost so realistically that I did not want to believe her. She said I did not have a great chance of getting into Allopathic medical schools because of my below national average grades, and advised me to take postbaccalaureate classes.

At the time, I was about to graduate from UC Berkeley with my bachelor’s degree, and did not want to enroll in postbac classes. She helped me develop a plan to improve my weaker points and emphacize my stronger points, so I knew what to focus on each month, and use my time efficiently and effectively. She guided me in improving my study skills, and I was able to excel in all my postbac work, earning a 4.0 in 23 units. She also recommended I develop more clinical experience working with underserved communities, and I fell in love with this work. Finally, her weekly phone calls and email communication were very helpful. She guided me in finishing everything on time (i.e. starting my personal statement half a year in advance), and prepared me for each next step, i.e. interviews. She was quick and effective at outlining and revising my essays and making them concise. And, she is knowledgeable, always answering my many questions about the application process.

Thankfully, in my first time applying, I was accepted by a few schools and will attend Howard University College of Medicine in a month! For Howard, I interviewed in April and was accepted in May, which is very late! Dr. Lewis advised me on how to constantly improve my applicant status, and kept me calm throughout this process, especially the waiting.

Do not lose hope or give up! Applying to medical school is a marathon, not a sprint! Good luck!

Email to Dr. Lewis if you wish to communicate about medical schools or other issues or to contact those profiled in Success Stories: imaclewis@lewisassoc.com

question of the month... see Facebook, Advising Tips tab
By Dr. Cynthia Lewis, PhD

Should I answer this secondary application question: "Please share anything your application does not include, but that you would like to bring to our attention"?

We will feature an important question each month. Please submit one that interests you for Dr. Lewis to answer. Send your questions to imaclewis@lewisassoc.com with 'Newsletter Question' in the subject line.

lewis associates advising services

Lewis Associates specializes in personal, effective and professional premedical advising and placement for traditional and non-traditional applicants. Often, non-traditional students are older than 21 years of age, career changers, international applicants or second-round applicants for admission to health professions school.

Lewis Associates' services meet the needs of all types of students from pre-applicants to applicants, including hourly advising support for specific needs. Click here.


"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

If this is how YOU feel, then, maybe Lewis Associates is the place for you. Lewis Associates provides Mentoring and Coaching through the rigorous and often circuitous pre-health preparation and application process. Other consultants may support programs like Law and Business or graduate school -- not Lewis Associates. We are the experts in Health Professions based on 26 years of a successful track record.

Call or email today to set your first appointment!

805.226.9669 imaclewis@lewisassoc.com

Copyright 2009, Lewis Associates. All rights reserved. Please do not repost on any website without direct permission from Lewis Associates.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any friends, classmates, or colleagues you feel would find its contents beneficial.

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